Barney's Long Walk

This is a captivating book. The hero, Barney the dog along with his human companions, Bob and Jos, walk 1330 miles from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, raising money for Guide Dogs.

They avoid towns, carry all they need and wild camp as often as they can. Jos tells the tale based on her diary, in writing that is immediate and authentic, making the reader a friend and companion on the adventure.

But after walking a week, they are faced with a heartbreaking dilemma as they learn their youngest grandson in Australia has been diagnosed with a tumour. Archie’s fate, as he undergoes surgery, is never far from their thoughts. Should they cancel the walk to be with their family?

Jos painted daily, distilling her emotional response to the ever changing landscape, into beautiful, spare and elemental pictures that make this End to End story unique.

Details of the route and the complex planning that went into the trip are included but never overwhelm the reader. These are adventurers who carry their vast experience lightly and we are able to feel their blistered feet and weary bodies and, with them, enjoy the days end and the much needed cuppa tea.

Profits from the first year of sales are being donated to Guide Dogs

Published in May, 2021

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